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Bronzor (Pokémon)

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[[File:Spr b 4d 436b.png|frame|Bronzor's early backsprite]]
* If Bronzor is turned upside-down, it will look exactly the same from the front, meaning its front has rotational symmetry. It also has horizontal and vertical reflective symmetry. However, its back sprite only has vertical reflective symmetry.
* Bronzor and [[Bronzong]] are the first times a Pokémon with Levitate could have an ability other than Levitate.
* There is an unused sprite within {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} for Bronzor's back sprite which is just a duplicate of its front sprite.
* In the games, all three {{tc|Commander}}s of [[Team Galactic]] that can be battled have a Bronzor.