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** An [[Elite Four]] member changes within a single [[generation]].
** Its name is a {{wp|palindrome}}.
** Alola is the first region to include different time zones for both Sun and Moon(This later is also the case in the remakes)
* Alola is also the only core series region not to feature:
** [[Gym Leader]]s, [[Gym]]s, and [[Badge]]s.
** A notable {{type|Ice}} [[type expert|expert]].
*** However, [[Sina]], who was introduced in [[Kalos]], is revealed to be an Ice-type expert when the player meets her in Alola.
**Gym Badges, due to the exclusion of Gym Leaders.
** [[Bicycle]]s.
** A {{pkmn|Champion}} that precedes the player.
** A [[diploma]] received from someone upon completing the [[Pokédex]].
**A possible way to get Old Amber.
* Alola is the first core series region not to feature:
** [[HM]]s and [[field move]]s.
***[[HM]]s were replaced by Ride Pokemon in this game.
** {{m|Cut}}table trees.
** [[Gate]]s.
* Alola has the fewest settlements of any core series region, with 10.
*Alola houses the first major Dark-type expert you fight that is part of the region's league yet not part of the Elite Four,[[Nanu]]. However, many regions have Dark-type experts in their Elite Four
*Alola houses the first permanently destroyed settlement for all the games it has been in, [[Tapu Village]].
**This is due to the fact that Cinnabar Island is only destroyed in Gen 2 and its remakes.
*Alola's Aether Paradise is the only human-made island in the Pokemon World.
*Alola has the least populated largest city,[[Hau'oli City]]
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