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Trivia: Re: "any"'s not like anywhere else has multiples. Re: evil...super subjective. 2nds aren't notable. Psuedo prob shouldn't be in any region trivia. (IDK about Piers but for now *shrug*)
** To have all of its [[Gym]] [[Badge]]s named after their respective Gym's type.
** To not have an "o" anywhere in its English name.
** To not have anya [[Victory Road]].
** To not have anyan [[Elite Four]].
*** A similar role is fulfilled by the Champion Cup.
**Only be on the Switch(Kanto, the location of Let's GO, is also on Gameboy and the DS).
** HaveTo itscontain evilno team(teamsettlements Yell)that notend bein actually"Town" evilor "City" in atheir English sensenames.
***Macro Cosmos fills this gap with its goal to awaken [[Eternus]]
** To contain no settlements that end in "Town" or "City" in their technical English names.
** To introduce no [[Mythical Pokémon]] at the time of its release.
** To contain a single landmass the map of which does not fit on the screen. Previous regions with multiple maps either [[Kanto|contained]] or [[Alola|were]] archipelagos.
** To introduce four [[fossil]]s, the most of any region after Kanto.
*** Despite this, the region does not beat the record for most Fossil Pokémon introduced (five in [[Kanto]]) due to the Galarian Fossil Pokémon being unable to evolve.
*** Also, for the first time, none of the introduced Fossil Pokémon are {{t|Rock}} type, capable of {{pkmn|breeding}}, or have genders.
* Galar is the first region to have a {{type|Dark}} Gym.
* Galar has the fewest numbered [[route]]s of any core series region, with a total of ten.
* Galar's isTeam theYell 2ndis regionheaded toby have[[Piers]], asimilar rivalto choosehow theTeam starterRocket thatwas isled weak toby yoursGiovanni.
*Galar's Team Yell is headed by [[Piers]], similar to how Team Rocket was led by Giovanni.
*Galar continues the Psuedo Legendary trend by introducing Dragapult.
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