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When Badges are touched in the games, they play a single note, and will make a musical {{wp|C major|C major scale}} when all eight Badges are collected. When a player rubs the stylus across them numerous times to polish them (as they gradually tarnish), they will begin to shine. This process can be continued until four sparkles are visible. The musical notes are also the most clearly defined and accurately tuned when there are four sparkles.
Unlike other generations, it is the number of Badges that determines which [[outsider Pokémon]] [[Obedience#Generation III and IV|obey]] the Trainer, rather than the Badges themselves (this distinction is important owing to the fact that the order of obtaining the Cobble, Fen, and Relic Badges can differ). For every second Badge the maximum level of obeying Pokémon increases (0 Badges—level 10; 2 Badges—level 30; 4 Badges—level 50; 6 Badges—level 70; 8 Badges—level 100). The number of Badges collected also affects the items that the player can purchase in [[Poké Mart]]s.