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Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

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* {{OBP|Dark Raichu|Team Rocket 83}} does not show the 'R' symbol indicating the [[Team Rocket (TCG)|Team Rocket]] expansion, rather it shows the 'GB' symbol. This is because the card was released in two different sets between the US and Japan at two different times. The card was first released in English in the Team Rocket set as a chase card. It was later released as a chase rare in the Japanese Neo Discovery set, eight months before Pokemon Card GB 2 was released.
* This is the first-ever Pokémon game to be published by [[The Pokémon Company]], as well as the first Pokémon game on a Nintendo platform not to be published by [[Nintendo]].
* This is the last Game Boy Color Pokémon title.
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