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Disassembly source
Also, if I do contribute (either supervised or not), should I explicitly include a reference to the code (either in text or using "ref"? I have seen it a few times (searching for "disassembly" on BP), but it is clearly not the norm. I have seen other articles where "only the official media counts". How 'official' are the disassemblies then? Thank you. [[User:Rarecandybar|Rarecandybar]] ([[User talk:Rarecandybar|talk]]) 10:14, 15 May 2020 (UTC)
:You should assume the disassembly projects are accurate, yes. They are the result of a lot of hard work of fans to work out the assembly code by using the game binaries.
:We wouldn't normally add citations to the disassembly, but it is often a good idea to link to the relevant section in your edit summaries and on talk pages if you're using information from it. --[[User:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#A70000">'''Snorlax'''</span>]][[User talk:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#0000A7">'''Monster'''</span>]] 11:56, 15 May 2020 (UTC)