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Snom (Pokémon)

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** Is tied with {{p|Swinub}} for the lowest base {{stat|Special Defense}} stat of all Ice-type Pokémon.
** Is the only Ice-type that cannot learn {{m|Ice Beam}} nor {{m|Blizzard}}.
* Snom andis Frosmothone areof the onlyfew Pokémon otheralong thanwith {{p|Shedinja}}, {{p|Frosmoth}}, and Alolan {{p|Ninetales}} that can be knocked out by [[entry hazard]]s from full HP. If one of these Pokémon is switched in while 3 layers of {{m|Spikes}}, {{m|Stealth Rock}}, and the effect of {{m|G-Max Steelsurge}} are present of its side of the field, the total damage will be 100% of its HP (as long as its HP is divisible by four). {{p|Aurorus}} and {{p|Amaura}} also share this trait but cannot be added to Sword and Shield..