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Linda (BW057)

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[[File:Linda BW057.png|thumb|250px|Linda]]
'''Linda''' (Japanese: '''リンダ''' ''Linda'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[BW057|The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!]]''. andShe is a childhood friend of [[Charles]]. and is well aware he is in fact the Mighty Accelguard.
SheLinda first appeared stoppingstopped a lone thief with her {{p|Timburr}} after the Mighty Accelguard failed to do so because of his clumsiness. SheLater, isshe wellpicked awareup thata few leads about the {{p|Vanillite}} Charlestrucks isseen in factthe area and went to the Mighty[[Cold AccelguardStorage]] andalone enjoysto teasinginvestigate. himThere, aboutshe was confronted by [[Dr. Ferrara]] and [[Dr. Ferrara's henchmen|his clumsinesshenchmen]], and captured.
Linda picked up a few leads about the {{p|Vanillite}} trucks seen in the area and went to the [[Cold Storage]] alone to investigate. There, she was confronted by [[Dr. Ferrara]] and [[Dr. Ferrara's henchmen|his henchmen]], and captured. She was later saved by Charles, who was assisted by {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. When Ferrara made his escape, Linda followed behind Mighty Accelguard in a truck with Ash and his friends while she contacted [[Officer Jenny]]. She also helped stop Ferrara's henchmen and their Vanillite.
Linda enjoys teasing Charles about his clumsiness.