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===Pokémon League===
In the games, in order to enter the [[Pokémon League]] and challenge the [[Elite Four]] and {{pkmn|Champion}}, the player must have all eight Badges from that region (or in the case of the [[Indigo Plateau]], either [[Kanto]] or [[Johto]]). In [[Unova]], [[Kalos]], and Generation I/, III, and VII Kanto, Badges are checked individually through a series of Badge Check Gates; in [[Hoenn]], [[Sinnoh]], and Generation II/IV Kanto, Badges are checked all at once.
==List of Badges==
{{bdg|ice|Glacier|アイスバッジ|Ice|Pryce|Mahogany Town|hm={{m|Whirlpool}}|stat=Special Attack & Special Defense|It is a hexagon with a snowflake design.|This Badge is not obtainable until the player has cleared out [[Team Rocket HQ]].<br>In [[Generation II]], due to a bug, the Special Defense boost is not applied if the (pre-boost) Special Attack stat is in between 206 and 433 (inclusive).<!--see talk-->}}
{{bdg|dragon|Rising|ライジングバッジ|Rising|Clair|Blackthorn City|hm={{m|Waterfall}}|lvl=100|It is shaped like a dragon's face.|This Badge is not obtainable until the player has explored the [[Dragon's Den]].}}
===Hoenn League===