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Haxorus (Pokémon)

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Adding information from the translated Nintendo Dream interview
Haxorus is based on dinosaurs.<ref name "origin">[ English translation of the interview on the development of ''Pokémon Black and White'' published on volume 199 of ''Nintendo Dream''].</ref> Its design began early in the development of ''[[Pokémon Black and White Versions|Pokémon Black and White]]'' when [[Ken Sugimori]] tasked [[Mana Ibe]], who was just hired in the design team, with the design of a dinosaur-like Pokémon. Ibe had the idea of a Pokémon that swings its axe-like fangs to attack, a behavior reportedly stemming from actual dinosaurs, and Sugimori, while initially reluctant, ultimately agreed with the design and included the Pokémon in the game.<ref name "origin"/>
Haxorus' tusks may draw inspiration from {{wp|Dicynodont}}s, tusked {{wp|synapsid}}s with thick hides from the {{wp|Permian}} era, most likely ''{{wp|Placerias}}''. Its tusks also resemble {{wp|battle axe}} blades.
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