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{{samename|character in Pokémon Battrio[[File:Takara AimTomy.png|thumb|250px|Takara toTomy belogo Battrio(used Master!|Tommyin Takara}}Japan)]]
'''Tomy Company, Ltd.'''<ref>[ ''Corporate Profile'' - Tomy Company, Ltd.] (retrieved April 27, 2020)</ref> ('''株式会社タカラトミー'''<ref>[ ''Company Profile'' - Tomy Company, Ltd.] (Japanese) (retrieved April 27, 2020)</ref> ''{{Outdatedwp|kabushiki gaisha}} takara tomī''), trading as '''Takara Tomy''' in Japan and as '''Tomy''' elsewhere, is a Japanese toy manufacturer and entertainment company. Headquartered in {{wp|Tokyo}}, {{wp|Japan}}, the company was created on March 1, 2006 through the merger of Tomy (founded 1924) and Takara (founded 1955)<ref name="Brochure">[ ''Tomy Company, Ltd. Corporate Brochure'' - Tomy Company, Ltd.] (archived from the original December 25, 2010; retrieved April 27, 2020) <small>({{wp|PDF}})</small></ref>. Outside of Asia, the company operates through its subsidiary Tomy International, Inc.
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[[File:Takara Tomy.png|thumb|Takara Tomy logo]]
'''Takara Tomy''' (Japanese: タカラトミー) is a Japanese toy company. Takara Tomy is the merger of two companies: Tomy (founded in 1924) and Takara (founded in 1955). In English, the company is generally referred to as simply "Tomy". Takara Tomy has made numerous toys for the Pokémon franchise ranging from [[Pokétch]]es to Pokémon plushies. In {{pmin|the United States}}, it uses the Pokémon franchise in their GACHA Vending System.
==ProductIn gallery=April 1997, Tomy began producing its first Pokémon toys<ref name="Brochure" />, and from 2013 to July 2018 were [[The Pokémon Company International|The Pokémon Company International's]] master toy licensee<ref>[ ''A Look Behind the Curtain at How Pokémon Become Toys'' - Inverse] (retrieved April 27, 2020)</ref><ref>[ ''Pokémon Appoints New Master Toy'' - License Global] (retrieved April 27, 2020)</ref>.
<gallery widths=150px>
File:MCSpecial Pikachu.jpg|A special set from the [[Monster Collection]]
File:MC Tomy Charmander.jpg|Another special set from the [[Monster Collection]]
File:Tomy05.jpg|Monster collection single figures in fourth generation packaging
File:Picture4app.png|Moncolle Plus online catalog
File:Pikachu slippers.png|Pikachu slippers
[[File:Tomy Logo.png|thumb|200px|Tomy logo (used outside Japan)]]
*[[Pokémon mate]]
*[[Monster Collection]]
*[[Grabber Ball#Tomy sets|Grabber Ball]]
*[[Deluxe Trainers#Tomy sets|Deluxe Trainers]]
*[[Pokémon Zukan figures]]
*[[Power Bouncer#Tomy sets|Super Ball]]
*[[Reversible Poké Ball plush#Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Plush Collection|Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Plush Collection]]
*[[Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Choro-Qs]]
*[[Pokémon Egg Plushes]]
*[[Pokémon Z-Ring]]
==Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.==
[[File:Takara Tomy ARTS logo.png|thumb|200px|Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. logo]]
'''T-ARTS Company, Ltd.''' ('''株式会社タカラトミーアーツ''' ''kabushiki gaisha takara tomī ātsu'')<ref name="T-ARTS">[ ''Company Information'' - T-ARTS Company, Ltd.] (Japanese) (retrieved April 27, 2020)</ref>, trading as '''Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.''' in Japan, is a Japanese toy manufacturer and arcade game developer and a wholly owned subsidiary of Takara Tomy. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company was founded on February 9, 1988<ref name="T-ARTS"/> and has produced a series of Pokémon arcade games, and ''{{wp|gachapon}}'' toys.
*[[Pokémon Battrio]]
*[[Pokémon Tretta]]
*[[Pokémon Card Game Gacha]]
*[[Pokémon Ga-Olé]]
*[[Pokémon Mezastar]]
*[[Gacha sets|Gacha toys]]
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* [ Pokémon toys from Takara Tomy in Japan]
'''Taraka Tomy'''
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'''Tomy International'''
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'''Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.'''
*[ Company information] <small>(Japanese)</small>
*[ Pokémon product list] <small>(Japanese)</small>
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