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If a Pokémon has maximum [[affection]], the probability from above is multiplied by 2.<ref>[https://twitter.com/wwwwwwzx/status/953477067495976960/photo/1 卡璞波波 on Twitter]</ref>
An attacking move will start out at stage 0, but there are several ways to increase a move's stage as detailed in the table below. An effect cannot stack with another effect in the same column, including itself.
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NoteAn thateffect itcannot isstack possiblewith foran aeffect in the same column (including itself), with the exception of G-Max Chi Strike, whose effect can stack with anything (including more uses of itself)<ref>https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sword-shield-battle-mechanics-research.3655528/page-45#post-8440929</ref>. A Pokémon tomay acquire the effect of a [[Lansat Berry]] even if it is already holding another item, through the use of {{m|Baton Pass}}, {{m|Pluck}}, {{m|Bug Bite}}, or {{m|Fling}}; or by obtaining another item after consuming the Berry, such as via {{m|Thief}} or {{a|Symbiosis}}.
====Other factors====