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* This is the only game to show {{p|Slowpoke}}'s evolution happening true to the Pokédex. Using Pokémon food, Slowpoke can be lured to the [[Pokémon Island River|River]] where it will dip its tail in the water. When {{p|Shellder}} chomps down on Slowpoke's tail, Slowpoke will evolve into {{p|Slowbro}}.
* Although the game features voice acting from the TV series, certain Pokémon that were given new voices for the dub still have their original Japanese voice acting in the game. These include Metapod, Diglett, Dugtrio, PsyduckMagnemite, andMagneton, PorygonGeodude, whichGraveler, at the time of the game's releasePsyduck, didand not have dub voicesPorygon.
* According to former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Pokémon Snap was originally "a normal game in which you took photos, but the motivation for playing the game wasn't clear." It wasn't until they introduced Pokémon into the game that HAL's Masanobu Yamamoto thought they had a clarified direction. "That time, adopting the Pokémon world clarified what we should do and the direction we should head, and I came to like Pokémon, so I felt like that had saved us."<ref>[ Iwata Asks]</ref>
* This was the first Pokémon game released for the [[Virtual Console]] service, as well as the only Pokémon game from the [[Nintendo 64]] to be released for the [[Wii U]]'s Virtual Console service.