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Generation VII: direct
==Generation VII==
From [[Generation VII]] onward, the ID number is a six-digit number. A five-digit Trainer ID and a five-digit Secret ID are still generated but are not displayed on the [[{{ga|Trainer Card]]}} directly. Rather, they are used to calculate the final ID number by using the following formula: <code>ID<sub>final</sub> = ID<sub>trainer</sub> + (ID<sub>secret</sub> × 65536)</code>. The last six digits of the resulting number are what is displayed when the [[Trainer Card]] is viewed.
For example, consider a new save file in which the player's assigned Trainer ID and Secret ID are 00033 and 34262, respectively. The final ID number will be 33 + (34262*65536) = 2245394465. However, only the last six digits are used so the [[Trainer Card]] will display an ID No. of 394465.
If a Pokémon is transferred to Generation VII from a previous generation, its Trainer's ID number will remain 5 digits long.