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[[File:EP117 Error.png|thumb|200px|James's missing glove]]
* In one scene, when [[James]] was going to make a phone call, he did not have any gloves for a second. In the next scene, he had gloves as usual.
* When [[James]] tries to make a phone call, his glove disappears momentarily.
* Towards the end, when Ash's Pokémon all attack at once, {{AP|Bulbasaur}} uses {{m|Razor Leaf}}, but the sound for {{m|Vine Whip}} can be heard.
* When the plaster cast is made of Team Rocket's footprints, the prints are indents in the plaster, when really they should be protruding from the cast.
* In the scene where all of Ash's Pokémon defeat Team Rocket, {{AP|Charizard}}'s wings are completely orange. In the next scene, they are back to normal.
* In the European Portuguese dub, when Ash is naming the Kanto starters, he says {{p|Charizard}} instead of Charmander.
* In the {{pmin|the Netherlands|Dutch}} dub, [[Jessie]] calls her {{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}} "Lickingtung".
EP117 Error.png|James's missing glove
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