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Upon reaching New Bark Town, Ash and {{ashfr}} head for the Pokémon Center, but when they reach it, they are met by [[Nurse Joy's Chansey]]. She presses a button after Brock speculates on Chansey not being Nurse Joy, and a screen appears. A recording of Nurse Joy plays on the screen, saying that she is with Professor Elm and will be back by 2:00. Noting the time on the clock, Misty realizes that it is 3:30. Ash and Misty decide to sit down as they wait, though Brock is furious and demands that they go find her. However, when the three of them reach Elm's laboratory, they see police officers led by [[Officer Jenny]] surrounding the premises. Brock tries to offer Jenny a bouquet of flowers, but Misty pulls him away by his collar.
Ash, Brock, and Misty rush inside the lab and see Nurse Joy scolding Elm for being careless. Brock tries to flirt with Nurse Joy as well but is pulled away by Misty again. Ash and his friends then learn about the stolen Totodile, who was supposed to be picked up a female {{pkmn|Trainer}}. They also learn about [[Johto]]'s [[starter Pokémon]]. Ash mentions that he is from [[Pallet Town]] and is questioned about having met {{an|Professor Oak}}. ThenHearing this, Elm rantsthen proceeds to rant to Brock about his time as one of Oak's top students at the university while Misty and Ash play with the {{p|Cyndaquil}} that Nurse Joy took from Elm. After this, one of the police officers brings a plaster mold of Team Rocket's [[footprint]]sfootprints. [[Officer Jenny's Growlithe]] sniffs the mold and begins to tracks down Team Rocket and Totodile.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to take a break at a local park, and Jessie is furious when Totodile chomps down on her hair. Meowth goes to make a phone call to {{an|Giovanni|the Boss}}, though Jessie smacks him away with the phone booth door and claims that he would take all of the credit. While the two of them argue, James walks past them and makes the phone call. At that moment, Ash, his friends, and Officer Jenny arrive on the scene. Team Rocket recites their {{motto}} and comment that they can't return Totodile because it won't let go of Jessie's hair. Ash scolds the three for stealing a new Trainer's Pokémon, but Team Rocket is unfazed and attempts to run away. Ash then sends out {{AP|Bulbasaur}} and has it use {{m|Vine Whip}} to trip Team Rocket. James has {{TP|James|Weezing}} use {{m|Smokescreen}}, but [[Ash's Charizard]] blows the smog away.