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Character: siblings
[[File:Korrina and Ash friends.png|200px|thumb|right|The picture of Korrina and her friends]]
During the course of the series, Korrina was one of Kalos' [[Gym Leaders]] who grew most as a person. Initially, she was very hyper activehyperactive and didn't know how to deal with [[Mega Evolution]]. After much training and battles, Korrina managed to create the necessary bond to control Lucario in his most powerful form. Their relationship with Lucario from the beginning was very intimate, to the point of being almost like brotherssiblings in battle, so that she felt his presence even when they were very far away. This bond was one of the things that could make Korrina grow as a [[Trainer]].
Due to her personality, Korrina became quite friendly with Ash and his friends. During the time they spent together, this friendship became quite strong between the group. A link that marked the friendship between them was a photo the group took while searching for [[Mega Stone]] for Korrina.