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Base Set 2 (TCG)

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*{{TCG ID|Jungle|Pikachu|60}}
{{Setlist/header|title=Additional cards|tablecol=3366FF|bordercol=99CCFF|cellcol=99CCFF|promo=yes|symbol=no}}
{{Setlist/entry|63/130|{{TCG ID|Base Set 2|Wartortle|63}}|Water|||Top Deck Magazine {{TCG|W Promotional cards|W Promo}}}}
==GalleryPack artwork==
File:Base Two box.jpg|Booster box
*The "starry" holographic design used in the previous three English sets was rejected in favor of the "cosmo" design used in the Japanese sets. The design was used until {{TCG|Black & White}}.
*The glass beads used as damage counters in previous Theme Decks were replaced by cardboard counters with "10" marked on them in this set. This removed any confusion over what color bead represented what damage and was more cost-effective for Wizards to produce. The cardboard counters have remained in use since.
==In other languages==
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|ru=Базовое Расширение ''Bazovoye Rasshireniye'' 2
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