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From the top of his tower, [[Giallo]] declares that they will now reveal [[Ghetsis]]'s plan to the {{pkmn|world}}, intending to bring the entire [[Unova]] [[region]] under [[Team Plasma]]'s control. As hordes of {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}}s and their Pokémon start pouring down the multiple staircases, Iris finally takes action and has her Druddigon use {{m|Flamethrower}}, blasting a gaping hole in one of the staircases. She directly addresses Giallo, saying that what they are saying doesn't make any sense at all, but Giallo just tells her to know her place. As Iris prepares to stop the advancing assault, a pair of {{p|Liepard}} suddenly launch a surprise attack from behind. Iris braces herself, but before the Liepard can even reach her, an {{TP|Clay|Excadrill}} emerges from the ground and uses {{m|Drill Run}} on the Liepard, instantly felling them. For a moment, Iris is confused, until [[Clay]] steps up next to her and compliments her skills.
The Seven Sages immediately recognize Clay as the {{ci|Driftveil}} [[Gym Leader]], and tell their forces to crush him, but Clay smugly reveals that he didn't come alone. This is immediately revealed to be true, as {{ci|Nacrene}} Gym Leader [[Lenora]]'s {{p|Herdier}} charges past and attacks a Grunt's {{p|Krokorok}}, knocking it back. The next Gym Leader to appear is the {{ci|Nimbasa}} Gym Leader [[Elesa]], who, while riding on her {{p|Zebstrika}} and using its {{m|Discharge}} to shock the Grunts and their Pokémon around her, says that it would be terrible for the Gym Leaders to just ignore Team Plasma. [[Burgh]], the Gym Leader of [[Castelia City]], while attacking Team Plasma's Pokémon with herhis {{p|Leavanny}}'s {{m|Leaf Blade}}, states that they must do everything in their power to protect each and every Pokémon. On one of the staircases, [[Brycen]] of the [[Icirrus Gym]] is engaged in a direct fist fight with a Team Plasma Grunt, easily knocking the Grunt around with his martial art skills, while on another staircase, his {{p|Beartic}} picks up a {{p|Gigalith}} and flings it at the castle wall with a roar. Soaring above the battlefield, {{ci|Mistralton}} Gym Leader [[Skyla]]'s {{TP|Skyla|Swanna}} attacks Team Plasma's forces with {{m|Air Slash}}, and Skyla herself swears to protect Unova's skies. A pair of {{p|Whirlipede}} {{m|Rollout|charge}} at the {{ci|Opelucid}} Gym Leader, [[Drayden]], who is unfazed as his {{p|Haxorus}} leaps down and easily smacks the two {{t|Bug}} types aside with {{m|Dragon Tail}}. Drayden states that while he can empathize with some of Team Plasma's philosophy, he's never going to forgive them for rejecting everything else.
As Team Plasma's Pokémon approach the now-united row of Gym Leaders and their Pokémon, Giallo reveals how Ghetsis had made them the Chosen Ones and given them the duty to alter the world for the better and change Unova. [[Rood]] proclaims to the Gym Leaders that they shall not interfere with Team Plasma or [[N|their king]]. On Drayden's call, the Gym Leaders roar and charge at the army of Team Plasma Grunts, preparing for the final clash.