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Trivia: Included trivia information to say Vikavolt can learn Fly as a non-Bug/Flying Pokémon through levelup and TR06 in Sword & Shield; included that Vikavolt could not learn Fly in Generation VII
* [[Generation IV]] introduced the most Bug-type moves of any Generation, with seven, and Generations II and III introduced the fewest Bug-type moves, with three.
* The {{t|Flying}} type is one of the two types most commonly paired with the Bug type, with the other type being {{t|Poison}}. However, there are a number of Bug types, despite being able to fly, that are not Flying types, nor have the Ability {{a|Levitate}}, such as {{p|Beedrill}} and {{p|Venomoth}}.
** Despite this, the only Bug-type Pokémon that can learn the move {{m|Fly}}, {{p|Volcarona}} and, {{p|Genesect}}, and {{p|Vikavolt}} are not Flying types.
***Out of these three Pokémon, Vikavolt is the only non-Bug/Flying Pokémon that could not learn Fly in its introductory generation; Vikavolt can learn Fly at Level 50 and from [[TM06]] in [[Pokémon Sword & Shield]].
* Until {{v2|Platinum}}, several Bug-type Pokémon ({{p|Shuckle}}, {{p|Kricketot}}, {{p|Burmy}}, {{p|Wormadam}}, and {{p|Combee}}) were unable to learn any Bug-type moves naturally. Each of them can now learn {{m|Bug Bite}} by level up.
* In [[Generation I]], the Bug type is [[super effective]] against {{type|Poison}} Pokémon, while the Poison type is super effective against Bug-type Pokémon. As such, this was the only case when two different types were ever super-effective against each other.