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Cedric Juniper

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==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[File:Cedric Juniper Adventures.png|thumb|200px170px|Cedric Juniper in Pokémon Adventures]]
====={{chap|Black & White}}=====
Cedric Juniper is a Pokémon researcher and the father of [[Professor Juniper]]. He is first seenappeared in ''[[PS463|A Nickname for Tepig]]'', where he appears induring a flashback of {{adv|Black}}, {{adv|Cheren}}, and {{adv|Bianca}}'s childhood. HeThe ischildren seenwatched discussingan theinterview creationCedric of a new Pokédexhad with a reporter. Itwhere isthey his statement thatdiscussed the youngcreation peopleof shoulda go out on an adventure to fill thenew [[Pokédex with information about Pokémon, that inspires Black to try to get his attention so he can set out on a Pokémon journey]].
In ''[[PS480|At Liberty on Liberty Garden]]'', Cedric appearsarrived toat assist [[Professor Juniper]]'s lab to assist her in repairing two brokendamaged Pokédexes thatmeant for Cheren and Bianca. By ''[[PS501|A Lost Melody]]'', the Pokédexes were meantfixed. Cedric was sent to go[[Castelia City]], where he met with Bianca. To Professor Juniper's surprise, Bianca revealed she had chosen to Cherengive up on her Pokémon journey and Biancabecome her assistant instead. When asked about the Pokédex, Bianca decided to give it to {{adv|White}}.
ByIn ''[[PS501PS506|A LostWeek Melodyto Go and Old Wounds]]'', Cedric andencountered ProfessorBlack Juniperand have[[Iris]] successfullyat repaired{{rt|6|Unova}}. theThere, Pokédexes.he Cedrictold isthem sentabout tothe [[CasteliaLegendary CityPokémon]] in{{p|Cobalion}}, order{{p|Virizion}}, toand deliver{{p|Terrakion}} Bianca'sand fixedtheir Pokédexdistrust toof herhumans. ToWith Professorthe Juniper'sinformation he shocklearned, BiancaBlack revealswas thatable sheto hastrack chosendown tothe become{{adv|Swords herof assistantJustice}} and insteadrescue handsa thegroup Pokédexof overPokémon tothey {{adv|White}}took from their Trainers.
In ''[[PS506PS509|AWill Weekthe toTruth GoCome and Old WoundsOut?]]'', Cedric meets appeared to demand that {{adv|BlackN}} andreveal the whereabouts of the [[IrisGym Leader]]s atTeam {{rt|6|Unova}}Plasma had kidnapped. ThereHe, heBlack, tellsand themWhite teamed up to battle N. aboutDuring the Legendarybattle, PokémonCedric revealed that a year ago, N broke into his lab and stole three starter Pokémon he prepared for new Trainers. While the {{p|CobalionSnivy}}, went with N and the {{p|VirizionTepig}} was found by White, andthe {{p|TerrakionOshawott}} andchose theirto distruststay ofwith humanshim, eventually evolving into a {{p|Samurott}}. WithThough the informationbattle heended learnedin fromN's Cedricdefeat, Blackhe is ablemanaged to trackflee thewithout threerevealing Pokémonanything. inAs orderN toleft, rescuehis aPokémon groupforcibly oftook Pokémonthe theythird tookPokédex awaymeant fromfor theirCheren Trainersand destroyed it.
In ''[[PS509PS520|WillCold theHard Truth Come Out?]]'', CedricTeam appearsPlasma tolaunched stoptheir attack on the {{advun|NPokémon League}}, fromsurrounding leavingthe afterarea defeatingwith [[Alder]]. He tells Black and White that they must team up in order to defeat N and get him to reveal the location of Team Plasma's Castle in order to rescue the Gym Leaders they captured]]. During the battle, Cedric reveals that on NBlack's firstfinal daybattle asagainst TeamN Plasma'she king,was heassisted went intoby Cedric's lab and stole the three starter Pokémon he had set up for new Trainers. While the, {{padv|SnivyLooker}}, wentand to[[Leo]], Nwho beforeattempted becomingto Whiteattack N's {{pDL|Serperior}},Tao {{advtrio (Adventures)|AmandaZekrom}},. andWhen thetheir {{p|Tepig}}attacks wouldfailed, beCedric foundupgraded byBlack's WhitePokédex andwith namedinformation [[Gigi]],on theZekrom and {{pDL|OshawottTao trio (Adventures)|Reshiram}}. thatThis stayedallowed withBlack himto eventuallyfigure evolvedout intohow a Samurott. Though the battle ends in NReshiram's defeatpowers worked, heenabling manageshim to escape without revealing anything. As he leaves,defeat N's Pokémon forcibly take the third Pokédex meant for Cheren and destroy it.
In ''[[PS521|Triple Threat]]'', Cedric attempts to assist Black in his final battle against N. There, he upgrades Black's Pokédex with information on {{DL|Tao trio (Adventures)|Zekrom}} and {{DL|Tao trio (Adventures)|Reshiram}}. This information allowed Black to discover the secrets to Reshiram's powers, allowing him to successfully defeat N.
====={{chap|Black 2 & White 2}}=====
In [[PS541]], Cedric, hidesBianca, inProfessor Juniper, [[Fennel]]'s home alongside Professor Juniper, Fennel,and [[Amanita]], andhid Biancain toFennel's escapehouse thein [[PlasmaStriaton FrigateCity]], freezingwhich Unova'shad cities.been There,frozen Fennelby revealsTeam thatPlasma's afterflying researchingship, the Dream[[Plasma MistFrigate]]. forFennel tworevealed years,that she managed to discoverdiscovered another dimension known as the [[Pokémon Dream World]]. Sheand hypothesizeshypothesized that thisBlack may have been wheresent Black went tothere after being sealed into the [[Light Stone]] after his victory against Team Plasma. To confirmHearing this, FennelBianca hasimmediately Whitedecided sentto go to the [[Entralink]], wherebut theFennel realadmitted worldshe andalready Dreamsent WorldWhite arethere mostto connectedconfirm her theory. The operationplan provesproved to be a success, as White managesmanaged to find and obtain the Light Stone.
In [[PS547]], Cedric and Bianca traveled to [[Undella Town]], which had also been frozen by the Plasma Frigate. They attempted to break the ice covering the [[Marine Tube]]'s entrance to free Cheren and his class, who had been using the place as shelter. With the combined might of {{m|Water Pledge}}, {{m|Grass Pledge}}, and {{m|Fire Pledge}}, Bianca, Cheren, Cedric, and [[Benga]] destroyed the ice and rescued everyone. After confirming the safety of Cheren's missing students, Bianca revealed to him that Black had been freed from the Light Stone. Cedric and the others were transported to the abandoned N's Castle. The area had been set ablaze when the Plasma Frigate crashed into it, putting the Pokémon Team Plasma left behind at risk. In order to put the flames out, Cedric, Black, White, Blake, Whitley, [[Hugh]], Cheren, Bianca, and Benga combined the might of all three stages of the Unova [[starter Pokémon]] and unleashed a triple Water, Grass, and Fire Pledge combination attack.