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Timeline of events in the anime

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| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]''
* {{an|May}} defeatswins her battle against [[Harley]] and advances to the second round of the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]].
* {{ho|Robert}} is revealed to own a {{p|Claydol}}.
* {{Ash}}'s {{p|Snorunt}} [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{AP|Glalie}} and masters {{m|Ice Beam}}.
* May defeats {{OBP|Anthony|AG122}} and advances to the quarterfinals.
* [[Drew]] isalso revealedadvances to havethe obtained a {{p|Flygon}}quarterfinals.
* Drew is revealed to have obtained a {{p|Flygon}}.
* Drew defeats May in the quarterfinals and advances to the semifinals.
* Drew defeats his opponent in the semifinals and advances to the finals.