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Glameow tries {{m|Fury Swipes}}, but Aipom uses {{m|Double Team}} to get behind it, attacking with Swift. However, Glameow uses Fury Swipes to send the attack back to Aipom and robs Ash of more points. Ash orders another Focus Punch, but Glameow blocks with {{m|Iron Tail}}. However, Glameow straightens its tail to hit Aipom. With thirty seconds left, Ash has lost most of his points, but Ash persists and orders another Focus Punch. Glameow uses {{m|Shadow Claw}} to block the Focus Punch long enough for Glameow to dodge before hitting Aipom with another Iron Tail. With ten seconds left, Ash orders a final Focus Punch. The attack is so powerful that Zoey and Glameow are both frozen in their tracks. However, time runs out just before the attack hits and Zoey wins.
Backstage, while Aipom is eating. Ash recounts how his moves did not appeal as much. Ash congratulates Zoey, but Zoey brings up how powerful the Focus Punch attack was, noting how Ash could have won had time not expired. Thanking Ash for a great battle, she still she doesn't think Coordinating is where Ash is truly in his element. Ash admits that he is mostly focused on regular battles. Dawn mentions that Ash joined because his Aipom wanted to, much to Zoey's surprise and Ash's admission. Zoey concludes that Dawn should raise Aipom; however, everyone else is puzzled at the idea. Dawn and Jessie both win their respective battles.
Dawn now faces Zoey in the next round. Dawn sends out {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} while Zoey sends out Glameow. Buneary uses {{m|Ice Beam}}, but Glameow uses Shadow Claw to block the attack and Dawn loses points. Buneary uses {{m|Bounce}}, and Glameow jumps with its tail, soaring above Buneary and using Fury Swipes. Glameow uses Iron Tail, but Buneary blocks with both her ears, taking Zoey's points. Glameow spins its tail, spinning Buneary and sending her flying. Buneary uses Ice Beam again, but Glameow dodges. However, the attack creates an ice field around Glameow, causing it to slide. Buneary uses {{m|Dizzy Punch}} and Bounce, landing multiple attacks due to the ice. With thirty seconds left, Buneary uses Dizzy Punch again. Glameow uses Shadow Claw to attack the ice and sends shards against Buneary, stopping the attack. Glameow springs up with Iron Tail and knocks Buneary down. Time expires and Zoey wins the round. Dawn calls her mother upset, but her mother gives her a quick stern talk about looking forward and her friends as support.