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Above the level of Gym Leaders and Island Kahunas are the [[Elite Four]] members and the [[Pokémon League]] {{pkmn|Champion}}. There are also Trainers who serve as {{cat|Battle facility leaders|leaders}} for [[Battle facility|battle facilities]] not recognized by the Pokémon League, such as the [[Frontier Brain]]s of the [[Battle Frontier]] and the {{tc|Battle Chatelaine}}s of the [[Battle Maison]]. These Trainers are considered the cream of the crop, and should a Trainer defeat other Trainers at this level, it is not uncommon for them to be offered a place in these high ranks.
However, just as there are many Trainers with noble goals and lawful methods, there are also corrupt Trainers, including a number of [[villainous teamsteam]]s and {{pkmn|poacher}}s. These Trainers often use powerful Pokémon to take what they want and further their plans.
While the viability of [[Pokémon training]] as a lifestyle is never outright stated in most games, it is implied in {{game|Sun and Moon}} that it does not guarantee a sufficient income. Several [[Eevee users]] are seen having to take up part-time jobs in order to obtain the finances needed to support themselves, with the latter being unable to go into retirement using just the funds from Pokémon training.