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After the battle, Oak allows the two new Trainers to leave for their {{pkmn|journey}} across [[Kanto]]. Stopping in [[Viridian City]]'s [[Poké Mart]], the player will find that a [[Parcel|package]] has come in for the professor, and the clerk asks that it be delivered to him. After this has been completed the professor gives one [[Pokédex]] to the player and one to the rival, and sends them on their way. Viridian City has a Gym; however, it is locked.
From here, the player has his first encounter with other Trainers, on {{rt|2|Kanto}} and in [[Viridian Forest]], and his first encounter with a [[Gym Leader]]: [[Brock]] the {{type|Rock}} Gym Leader of [[Pewter City]]. After his defeat, journeying along {{rt|3|Kanto}} and through [[Mt. Moon]] brings the player face to face with the regional [[villainous teams|villainous team]], [[Team Rocket]], who are attempting to extract rare [[Fossil]]s from the cave. Their defeat allows the player to continue through the cave, obtain the [[Dome Fossil]] or [[Helix Fossil]] which can be regenerated into {{p|Kabuto}} and {{p|Omanyte}}, and continue onto {{rt|4|Kanto}}, which leads directly into [[Cerulean City]], where another [[Gym]] is. This one, however, is run by [[Misty]], and specializes in {{type|Water}} Pokémon. To the north, as well, there are two [[route]]s leading up to [[Bill]]'s cottage. On the way, the player is confronted with a trainer who tries to persuade him to join [[Team Rocket]]. When the player reaches [[Bill]]'s cottage and frees him of his transformation into a Pokémon, he will give the player a ticket for the [[S.S. Anne]], a luxury ship moored in {{ci|Vermilion}} Harbor and filled with Trainers. Taking a shortcut through a house burglarized by Team Rocket, the player finally arrives at {{rt|5|Kanto}}.
After traveling down Routes 5 and {{rtn|6|Kanto}}, using the {{OBP|Underground Path|Routes 5-6}} to bypass [[Saffron City]], the player finally arrives in {{ci|Vermilion}}. This city is home to another Pokémon Gym; however, the way to it is blocked by a small tree. The only thing to do is to show the ticket to the {{tc|Sailor}} guarding the harbor, allowing entry into the S.S. Anne. It is here, after assisting the captain with his seasickness, that the player will obtain the first of the five [[HM|Hidden Machines]] available in the game, containing {{m|Cut}}. With this, and the {{Badge|Cascade}}, the tree blocking the way to Vermilion Gym can be easily cut through, and [[Lt. Surge]], a Gym Leader specializing in {{type|Electric}}s, can be challenged. From here, {{rt|11|Kanto}} beckons, as does [[Diglett's Cave]], through which is the only way to get back to {{rt|2|Kanto}}, and a second HM, containing {{m|Flash}} held by one of [[Professor Oak]]'s aides on {{rt|2|Kanto}}. The player takes a brief detour to Pewter City's museum's back entrance which was previously blocked due to a Cut-able tree, which can now easily be bypassed. The player obtains the [[Old Amber]] in the museum. Heading back to Diglett's Cave, and to Vermilion, the player must go to Cerulean and to the east, onto {{rt|9|Kanto}} and towards the [[Rock Tunnel]].