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Generation IV

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*Four new variants of {{i|Poké Ball}}, retaining the seven introduced in Generation III.
*A new [[villainous team]], [[Team Galactic]], whose intent is to capture {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}, said to be the creators of the [[Pokémon universe]], and remake it in the image of their leader, [[Cyrus]].
*The return of the real-[[time]] and [[days of the week]] system from Generation II, with enhanced transitions between the time periods of the day.
**In addition, most overworld themes also have different variations depending on the [[time]] of day.
*A three-dimensional rendering of the overworld, rather than just sprites, with the same style seen in previous games.
*Pokémon are now able to be traded and battled over the Internet through the [[Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection]]. (However, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has since been shut down.)
*When items are bought and sold, the item's proper plural is used, rather than a conditional (s). In past generations, the conditional (s) rendered selling some items, like the Silk Scarf or DeepSeaTooth, oddly, with "SILK SCARF(S)" and "DEEPSEATOOTH(S)" used regardless of if one or many were sold. Selling one of these items now renders as "Turned over the DeepSeaTooth and received {{pdollar}}100," while selling multiple renders as "Turned over the DeepSeaTeeth and received {{pdollar}}200."
*Many words previously displayed with all letters being capital are now displayed correctly, such as {{m|SolarBeam}} instead of SOLARBEAM or Pokémon instead of POKéMON. Names of Pokémon and menu items, however, remain fully capitalized.
** However, some menu items have remained capitalized in the later games.
*Pokédex is now updated to show Pokémon forms, including back sprites.
* Pokémon hatching from Eggs are now level 1 instead of level 5.
* {{p|Abra}}, {{p|Machop}}, {{p|Geodude}}, {{p|Omanyte}}, {{p|Kabuto}}, {{p|Kabutops}}, {{p|Dunsparce}}, {{p|Silcoon}}, {{p|Dustox}}, {{p|Lileep}}, {{p|Cradily}}, {{p|Anorith}}, and {{p|Armaldo}}'s base experience values are changed.
* {{p|Misdreavus}}'s EV yield is changed from 1 {{stat|Special Attack}} and 1 Special Defense to only 1 Special Defense.
* {{p|Roselia}}'s EV yield is changed from 1 Special Attack to 2 Special Attack.
* Double Battle Trainers can now walk towards the player to initiate a [[Double Battle]].
Much like [[Generation I]]'s version of Kanto was featured a second time in [[Generation III]], {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} caused [[Johto]] to be featured a second time in Generation IV.
====Starter Pokémon====
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! style="background: #{{johto color dark}};" colspan="4" | {{color2|{{johto color light}}|Johto League}}
The Physical-Special split introduced in Generation IV as well as the introduction of powerful items such as the [[Choice Scarf]], [[Choice Specs]], and [[Life Orb]] made competitive battling far more advanced and popular. This was also increased due to the [[Global Trade System|GTS]] increasing the chance of finding a Pokémon with [[Pokérus]] and EV-enhancing[[Power itemsitem]]s for a specific stat being introduced also made it far easier to EV train a Pokémon, which added another dimension to competitive battling as EV training is no longer as painstaking as it was before. Due to these additions this generation is widely praised by competitive battlers. The GTS also paved the way for the [[Masuda method]] through the transaction of foreign Pokémon, and this in addition to the [[Poké Radar]] made it far easier to acquire [[Shiny Pokémon]].
After Diamond and Pearl, Platinum continued improving the series, adding a new {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}}, as well as introducing many new additions to the games (such as VS sprites and animated battle sprites for certain important NPCs, such as [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Rival]]). Platinum is also an important part of the series' continuity, as the storyline of the game is referenced in {{game|Black and White|s}}, showing where [[Generation V]] is placed on the timeline. The overall generation introduced many characters, some of whom have played notable roles during the following generations. HeartGold and SoulSilver brought older and newer players back to the Johto region with improved graphics and sound and other additions to the storyline and characters.
** The final evolution of each starter Pokémon is owned by one Gym Leader or Elite Four member.
*** [[Gardenia]] has a {{p|Torterra}}, {{OBP|Flint|Elite Four}} has an {{p|Infernape}}, and [[Jasmine]] in [[HeartGold and SoulSilver]] has an {{p|Empoleon}}.
** None of the [[TM]]s from the previous generation had their move changed.
** A {{type|Dragon}} [[Type expert|specialist]] was not introduced.
* Generation IV is the first generation to include: