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{{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}: Improved writing in many areas
===={{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}====
Although grunts are first seen in ''[[PS001|A Glimpse of the Glow]]'' searching for {{p|Mew}} in [[Pallet Town]], Team Rocket as an organization was not introduced until ''[[PS006|Gyarados Splashes In!]]'' in the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}. Here,, they are mentioned by {{adv|Professor Oak}} as an evil syndicate that use Pokémon for sinister purposes, mostly experiments. They are then seen looking for a [[Moon Stone]] in [[Mt. Moon]]. After running into Red and Misty, they battled them with a {{p|Rhyhorn}}, and when it looked like [[Pika]] may defeat it, a mysterious injection caused it to evolve into {{p|Rhydon}}. It was still defeated and the admin shown to be controlling it was [[Koga]].
Then they are seen with Red infiltrating their ranks trying to find {{adv|Green}}, who stole some information on Mew that was important for them. It was also revealed that under the [[Celadon Game Corner|Rocket Game Corner]] was a research facility for {{adv|Mewtwo}}. After Green was found they revealed another Pokémon with a special ability, a Tauros with the ability to control other Pokémon with a swish of its tail. However they were defeated when Green's [[Ditty]] transformed into that Tauros and make the other Pokémon defeat themselves. However, they believed they were okayalright since they retrieved the disc on Mew, which was, in fact, a fake. After realizing this, they go out to find a Mew they though they saw, which was Ditty again. Eventually, theythe grunts figure it out and run into Red and Green who found the real Mew. EventuallyLater, as it was shown that the battle was going south, Mew stepped in and knocked out the Rocket that was leading this hunt and his {{p|Jynx}}, leaving after that and Red and Green get away as well.
They are then seen on the Seafoam Islands chasing after Articuno only to be once again stalled by Red to a point where Articuno (which froze itself), defrosted and their combined forces easily drove Team Rocket away once again. Then they appear on Cinnabar confronting Blaine who had betrayed them. After Red joins the fight, the Rocket grunts then reveal their Moltres and the gruntsthey disperse. Moltres is defeated by Red's Aerodactyl but is then revealed that itthe battle's outcomes doesndon't matter since it is then revealed that [[Koga]] hashad captured Articuno and [[Lt. Surge]] hashad obtained {{p|Zapdos}}.
After Blue and Green fail to get into Saffron City, Blue takes a photo from the air showing some of Team Rocket's grunts there, making Blue deducefigure thatout that it's their headquarters.
Once they get into Saffron City, theRed, threeBlue, ofand themGreen enter Silph CCo., albeit for their own reasons. In each room, each ofone the three had to face one of Team Rocket's heads. Red defeated [[Lt. Surge]] on 1F, Blue beat [[Koga]] on 2F, and Green managed to subdue [[Sabrina]] on 3F. The three of them met on 4F where a merger of the [[Legendary birds]] was created by the Badge Energy Amplifier known as {{DL|Legendary birds (Adventures)|Thu-Fi-Zer}}. Thu-Fi-Zer was defeated, freed, and split apart into the three birds. The Silph Co. building was destroyed with the three heads captured except {{adv|Giovanni}} who was still at large.