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In the manga
[[File:Ns Castle Adventures.png|thumb|230px|N's Castle in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
N's Castle isserved as Team Plasma's main base of operations during the {{chap|Black & White}}. It debuted in ''[[PS468|Listening to Pokémon]]'' in {{adv|N}}'s flashback of his coronation as the king of Team Plasma.
In ''[[PS520|Cold Hard Truth]]'', [[Zinzolin]] summoned the castle from underground via remote control, surrounding the Pokémon League building. Team Plasma Grunts emerged from the castle and surrounded the League viewers, while the Seven Sages and N watched from above as the chaos took place. N and {{adv|Black}} had their final battle on top of the castle, which eventually moved to inside. {{adv|White}} found her way in N's room after being {{m|teleport}}ed there by [[Colress|Hood Man]], where she met Anthea and Concordia.
[[File:N Castle FAT.png|thumb|left|200px|N's Castle in Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder]]
After Black successfully beat N, [[Ghetsis]] attacked him in order to silence him and keep the word of N's defeat from getting out. As Ghetsis had assembled a team of Pokémon specifically designed to counter {{cat|Black's Pokémon|Black's team}}, Black was initially at a disadvantage. However, after he figured out and that Ghetsis was using a {{p|Volcarona}} to power up his Pokémon, and had his Pokémon swap their opponents to ones more suitable for them, he was finally able to defeat Ghetsis. Afterwards, N flew away with {{DL|Tao trio (Adventures)|Zekrom}}, and as {{DL|Tao trio (Adventures)|Reshiram}}'s counterpart was no longer present, the [[Pokémon category|Vast White Pokémon]] started reverting back into its form as the [[Light Stone]]. Seizing the chance, Ghetsis pushed Black into Reshiram, causing him to be sucked into the Light Stone as well. Before White could grab the stone, it flew away into parts unknown.
N's Castle reappeared in [[PS548]], where it was shown to be still standing around the Pokémon League. As the out-of-control [[Plasma Frigate]] collided with the castle and set it on fire, threatening the Pokémon inside the castle, the Unova [[Pokédex holder]]s, {{adv|Cheren}}, {{adv|Bianca}}, [[Hugh]], and [[Cedric Juniper]] combined their [[starter Pokémon]]'s respective pledge moves in order to put out the fire.
===In the Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder manga===