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| style="background:#D1F6B6; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | '''Name:''' Carmen<br>'''Age:''' {{#ifexpr: {{#time: z}} >= {{#time: z|October 28}}|{{#expr: {{#time: Y}} - 1997}}|{{#expr: {{#time: Y}} - 1998}}}}<br>'''Gender:''' Female {{Female}}
| style="{{roundybottom|5px}}; background:#D1F6B6" | '''Name:''' Carmen<br>'''Age:''' {{#ifexpr: {{#time: z}} >= {{#time: z|October 28}}|{{#expr: {{#time: Y}} - 1997}}|{{#expr: {{#time: Y}} - 1998}}}}<br>'''Gender:''' Female {{Female}}
{{User Bulbapedia Staff|JAdminAdmin}}
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<center>{{<span style="color|:#{{grass color dark}}|">For more, see}} '''{{color2|{{grass color dark}}|User:Carmenstar97/Usertags|my usertags}}'''{{color|{{grass color dark}}|.}}</span></center>
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|- Hello there! I'm '''Carmenstar97''', but I would prefer it if you call me '''{{tt|Carmen|my real name, of course}}'''. I am one of [[Bulbapedia]]'s {{bp|Administrators}} and am a [[a:Archives:Staff|Junior Administrator]] on the [[Bulbagarden Archives]]. I joined Bulbapedia on October 23, 2010.
| '''Carmenstar97''' joined [[Bulbapedia]] on October 23, 2010. She would prefer it if you called her '''{{tt|Carmen|Which is her name, of course.}}'''. During her time on Bulbapedia, she has made <span class="plainlinks">[ {{color|000|over 11,100 edits}}]</span> to the {{DL|Bulbapedia:Namespace|Main namespace|mainspace}}, and over 12,800 edits in all {{bp|namespace}}s.
|-<big>History as a Pokémon Fan</big>
| <big>History as a Pokémon Fan</big>
I started out by watching the [[Pokémon anime]] at around elementary school age on lazy Saturday {{tt|mornings|to this day I have no idea how I managed to wake up that early}}. Then school got in the way, life happened, and I stopped watching the anime. Pokémon became just a thing that other people would occasionally talk about, and I would only understand a few references to the anime.
Fast forward to late August 2010, when the combination of boredom and nostalgia overcame me. I ended up watching some of the first Pokémon episodes and my love for Pokémon was revived. From then on, I marathoned the entire anime in the course of about a month and started doing a whole bunch of research on Pokémon. I grew interest in the [[Pokémon games]] and started out by playing {{game|Gold and Silver|s|Pokémon Gold}}.
| <big>Bulbapedia</big>
I first used [[Bulbapedia]] to find out some information about Pokémon, like any normal user. I lurked the site for a while, before joining on October 23, 2010. At first, I had no idea how to edit. I knew nothing about {{bp|wikicode}}! I learned over time by reading through all of the {{cat|Bulbapedia policies}}. About {{tt|two months|December 25, 2010}} after joining, I made <span class="plainlinks">[http[Special:Diff// |my very first edit]</span>]. I started to become much more active in February 2011. On March 5, 2011, I became a temporary {{bp|Junior Administrators|Junior Administrator}} to help out with the English release of {{game|Black and White|s}}, but on April 30, 2011, I was officially made a member of the {{bp|staff}}. On December 14, 2011, I was promoted to an {{bp|Administrators|Administrator}} rank.
However, due to a {{tt|desire|okay...more like a need}} to focus on my education, I was completely inactive from late 2013 to late 2015, and consequently became categorized as an {{bp|Inactive Staff|inactive staff}} member. Once I'd settled in at college, I returned to active editing and rejoined the staff on January 18, 2016, so here I am now.
|-<big>About Me</big>
| <big>About Me</big>
I am a {{#ifexpr: {{#time: z}} >= {{#time: z|October 28}}|{{#expr: {{#time: Y}} - 1997}}|{{#expr: {{#time: Y}} - 1998}}}}-year-old girl from {{wp|New York City}}, but reside at {{wp|Cornell University}} during the school year. I am generally niceunderstanding and patient, so don’tplease do not be afraid to ask me any questions, regardingas helpinglong Bulbapediaas they relate to beimproving more complete[[Bulbapedia]]. Admittedly, my knowledge of Pokémon is mainly limited to the games (up to and including [[Generation VVII]]) and the anime, so if you ask me questions pertaining to a topic outside of my area of expertise, I will have no choice but to redirect you to another staff member better suited for answering your question. With that said, I'm [[Special:RecentChanges|{{tt|always|okay, not literally always}} watching]] and available if needed. For more about me<small><small><small> <s>that I'm too lazy to type out</s></small></small></small>, see [[/Usertags|my usertags]].
With that said, I'm [[Special:RecentChanges|{{tt|always|okay, not literally always}} watching]] and available if needed. For more about me<brsmall><small><small> <s>that I'm too lazy to type out</s></small></small></small>, see [[/Usertags|my usertags]].
| <big>Contact Information</big>
<big>Contact Information</big>
My scheduleavailability can be quite sporadic,limited especiallysince duringI thework schoola year,full-time butjob whenand inhave needother ofreal-life helpobligations, Ibut willwhen contacted I try to be of assistancerespond as quickly as possible. If I don'tdo not reply within 24 hours, you should probably direct your inquiries to another staff member. You can contact me via {{tt|any|please choose the method of communication most appropriate for your concerns}} of the following:<br>
[[Special:EmailUser/Carmenstar97{|Email]]<br> width="100%"
{{UT|Carmenstar97 width="30%" |Talk page}}<brspan class="plainlinks">[ Discord] @Carmen#5395
| width="15%" | [[a:User talkSpecial:EmailUser/Carmenstar97|Archives talk pageEmail]]<br>
<span| classwidth="plainlinks15%">[ Bulbagarden| forums]</span>{{UT|Carmenstar97|Talk page}}
| width="20%" | [[a:User talk:Carmenstar97|Archives talk page]]
| width="20%" | <span class="plainlinks">[ Bulbagarden forums]</span>
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