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<i>It’s the first day of the Twinleaf Festival, and Professor Oak is scheduled to give a lecture on “the interrelation of Pokémon and EvolutionaryEvolution stones.” But a flat tire forces him to make a stop near a marshland, where he discovers a wealth of Pokémon! While there, he helps one of the Pokémon, a Lombre, evolve into a Ludicolo using a Water Stone.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket has decided that a great way to capitalize on the upcoming lecture is to sell Oak memorabilia—with James dressed up as the spitting image of Professor Oak to do the selling!
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are busily helping [[Johanna]] prepare for the upcoming [[Twinleaf Festival]]. [[Izzy and Cara]] are worried that {{an|Professor Oak}} hasn't shown up yet. Ash offers to look for Professor Oak, so he, {{an|Dawn}} and {{an|Brock}} head off to look for him. [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{MTR}} are watching from a bush. They dress James up as Professor Oak, hoping to be able to pass him off as the real one. Izzy and Cara take him off to [[Johanna]] to get ready for his speech about the relationship between Pokémon and [[evolutionEvolution stone]]s.
Meanwhile, Professor Oak is standing by while his assistant is replacing his tire on the car. Professor Oak sees a marsh ahead of him and wanders off to see what Pokémon are in it. His assistant tells him not to go too far, but he says that he is just going to look around.