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In the [[core series]] games, Pokémon normally only evolve after one of three events:
*[[List of Pokémon that evolve at or above a certain level|Gaining a level]] (the most common trigger)
*{{cat|Pokémon that evolve by using an item|Being exposed to an item}} (such as an [[evolutionEvolution stone]])
*{{cat|Pokémon that evolve through trading|Being traded}}
===Pokémon Stadium 2===
Pokémon on a Game Boy or Game Boy color game can evolve in [[Pokémon Stadium 2]] by fulfilling the conditions required for evolution, such as using an evolutionEvolution stone or using [[Rare Candy]] to level up a Pokémon to the required evolution, as in the main series. This can be done in the [[Pokémon Lab]]. This cannot be done in [[Pokémon Stadium]], however.
===Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness===
===Pokémon Conquest===
In {{g|Conquest}}, because the mechanics of [[level]]s, [[experience]], and [[friendship]] do not exist, Pokémon typically evolve once they reach a certain [[link]] threshold with their partnered [[Warrior]] or [[Warlord]]. Pokémon that normally evolve via high [[friendship]] in the main series games, such as {{p|Golbat}}, instead evolve after reaching a certain link percentage, usually between 60 and 70 percent. Pokémon that normally evolve starting at a specific level instead evolve when a certain [[statistic]] reaches a specific value. For example, {{p|Spheal}} evolves when its HP has reached a value of 138, which is partially determined by the link with its Warrior. Warriors with Pokémon that require an [[evolutionEvolution stone]] to evolve must equip themselves with that item and then perform an action that causes their link to improve, such as completing a battle.
===Pokémon Pinball series===