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In {{game|Yellow}}, instead of the normal trio found in Red, Green, and Blue, players can only start with the {{type|Electric}} Pikachu, which likewise has difficulty with the first Gym. The rival will take Oak's {{p|Eevee}} and evolve it into one of its three [[EvolutionaryEvolution stone|stone]]-based evolutions depending on the results of the player's battles against him.
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* The player is able to have six Pokémon with him at most, while additional Pokémon can be kept in the [[Pokémon Storage System]].
* The ability to [[battle]] and [[trade]] between games.
* [[Evolution]] via [[level|leveling up]], trade, and [[evolutionaryevolution stone]]s. Other [[methods of evolution]] were introduced in later generations.
* {{cat|Generation I Pokémon|151 species of Pokémon}}. Other species were introduced in later generations.
* 15 [[type]]s. Other types were introduced in later generations.