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Generation I

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Generation I introduced the key Pokémon gameplay elements which have remained to this day, as well as a system of game releases now considered by fans to be the "standard formula". While many of the features enjoyed in the more recent generations are later additions to the series, the following have their origins in Generation I:
* The {{player}} has a [[party]] of up to six {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} with them, which can be used in {{pkmn|battle}} against opponent [[Pokémon Trainer]]s or [[wild Pokémon]].
* A [[PC]]-based [[Pokémon Storage System]], made up of 12 boxes of 20 Pokémon each and developed by [[Bill]], a Pokémaniac, is available to store reserve Pokémon not in the party (up to 240 total).
* {{cat|Generation I Pokémon|151 species of Pokémon}}, with many related to each other by way of [[evolution]].