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[[File:Ho-Oh Debut.png|thumb|200px|{{an|Ho-Oh}} in its debut]]
* This episode was chosen by [[Kunihiko Yuyama]] as the first episode of ''[[Pocket Monsters Anime Premier 10]]''.
* The beginning of the episode features sound effects from the original [[Game Boy]] games, drawing from the opening animation from {{game|Red and Green|s}} (with a {{p|Gengar}} battling a {{p|Nidorino}}) before transitioning seamlessly into the {{pkmn|battle}} that {{Ash}} himself is watching on [[Television|TV]].
** A similar sequence and transition occurs in the beginning of the [[PO01|first episode]] of the ''[[Pokémon Origins]]'' miniseries, in which {{OBP|Red|Origins}} watches a televised battle between Gengar and Nidorino.
** When it shows the stadium, it appears as a card.