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Magic Guard (Ability)

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In battle
Magic Guard prevents the Pokémon from receiving indirect damage, but does not prevent it from becoming afflicted by statuses that would deal such damage. Additional effects, such as being trapped by {{cat|binding moves}} or having its {{stat|Attack}} reduced by {{status|burn}}, are not prevented even though their damage is.
Magic Guard prevents damage caused by effects including [[weather]], {{status|poison}} and {{status|burn}}, effects like {{m|Curse}} and {{m|Leech Seed}}, [[entry hazards]], [[recoil]] (except from {{m|Struggle}}), [[crash damage]], and damage from using {{m|Mind Blown}}. Magic Guard prevents the damage inflicted by a [[Life Orb]], but the holder still gains the power boost. Damage from {{status|confusion}} still occurs.
Magic Guard does not prevent direct modification of a Pokémon's HP through means other than damage, such as by {{m|Pain Split}}, {{m|Belly Drum}}, {{m|Substitute}}, or a {{t|Ghost}} type cutting its own HP to use {{m|Curse}}. {{cat|Moves that cause the user to faint}}, {{m|Destiny Bond}}, and {{m|Perish Song}} can still cause a Pokémon with Magic Guard to faint.