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[[File:Unova PG.png|thumb|250px|Unova in [[Pokémon Generations]]]]
Unova is divided by two rivers that lead into an ocean to the south of it. These rivers cannot be surfed on, with the exception of the river directly below [[Village Bridge]]. It divides Unova into central and eastern peninsulas and a western landmass. These three landmasses are connected by five bridges,: the [[Skyarrow Bridge]], the [[Driftveil Drawbridge]], the [[Tubeline Bridge]], [[Marvelous Bridge]], and the Village Bridge. The eastern part of Unova is further divided by mountains that makes a southeast part and northeast part. The southeastern part is important to Trainers who want to compete in the Pokémon league since two Gyms are located there, but the northeastern part is not since there are no Gyms there and it mostly has tourism, as evidenced by the amount of people speaking foreign languages. Further away from this bundle of towns is where the {{un|Pokémon League}} is located. Interestingly, the northeastern part is the only place in the region to find Pokémon species foreign to Unova outside of Swarms. The central peninsula of Unova consists of two of the largest cities in the Pokémon world, [[Castelia City]] and [[Nimbasa City]], as well as [[Opelucid City]] further north, all of which contain Gyms. Every bridge in Unova connects to the central part of the region from either the east or west. The western side contains medium-sized towns and more varied landscapes but it also has three Gyms there, making it another destination to visit for any Pokémon Trainer.
Unova is a mixture of urban and rural land. The region features 21 settlements which reflect the diversity of the region. Many cities have buildings that resemble real-world buildings, such as [[Striaton City]] and [[Castelia City]]. However, some cities remain the way buildings in the past do, such as [[Humilau City]], which has mostly wooden buildings on platforms above the ocean. [[Castelia City]], a sprawling metropolis, is one of the largest cities in the Pokémon world. [[Nuvema Town]], which is inhabited by the Pokémon expert [[Professor Juniper]], is smaller and quieter. [[Black City]] is a version-exclusive city found only in Pokémon Black. Unova's landscape also features several forests (one of which, [[White Forest]], is also version-exclusive), a [[Desert Resort|desert]], a [[Chargestone Cave|magnetic cave]] and areas where the move {{m|Dive}} can be used outside of battle. Although Unova appears in some ways more technologically advanced than the previous regions, this development is not spread across the whole of the region. There are several aesthetic differences in the region depending on the version; in Pokémon White and White 2, these changes make the geography more rural looking, while in Pokémon Black and Black 2, these changes are more technological in appearance.