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Event-induced availability
The player may choose from the three [[Kanto]] [[starter Pokémon]] at the beginning of the game: {{p|Bulbasaur}}, {{p|Charmander}}, or {{p|Squirtle}}. If the player walks away from the starter Pokémon four times, {{p|Pikachu}} will also appear as a possible starter Pokémon. These Pokémon may also be found in the wild later on.
While {{p|Eevee}}'s evolution is normally random, it can be [[nickname]]d to force it to evolve into a specific Pokémon: "Sparky" for {{p|Jolteon}}, "Rainer" for {{p|Vaporeon}}, "Pyro" for {{p|Flareon}}<ref>[ PSA - How to force your Eevee to evolve into your choice of Eeveelution! : pokemongo]</ref> (the names of the [[Eevee brothers]] in the [[Pokémon anime]]), "Sakura" for {{p|Espeon}}, "Tamao" for {{p|Umbreon}} (two of the [[Kimono Girl]]s in the anime), "Linnea" for {{p|Leafeon}}, and "Rea" for {{p|Glaceon}} (two of the [[Eevee users]]). Each nickname can only influence evolution once per player. Espeon and Umbreon can also be obtained via walking with Eevee as a buddy for at least 10km, then evolving it during either day or night, respectively. The Mossy Lure Module and Glacial Lure Module can be used to influence evolution into Leafeon or Glaceon, respectively.
Ceratin real-world events will occasionally release Pokémon into the wild that are usually locked to a specific method, such as having region- or raid-exclusive Pokémon appearing in the wild.