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This chapter follows {{adv|Black}}'s journey across the [[Unova]] region, with the dream of conquering the {{un|Pokémon League}} and become the [[Pokémon Champion]]. He is joined by {{adv|White}}, who runs the [[BW Agency]] and whose dream is to raise the best Pokémon actor out there.
===Black 2 & White 2 chapter (Volume 52~?55)===
{{main|Black 2 & White 2 chapter (Adventures)}}
{{adv|Blake}} is a seemingly normal boy enrolled in the [[Aspertia City]] Trainer's School. However, he is actually a member of the [[International Police]] who aims to find the remaining members of Team Plasma that was defeated two years ago. Unbeknownst to him, the new student, {{adv|Whitley}}, happens to be a former member of Team Plasma.
===X & Y chapter (Volume ?55~?)===
{{main|X & Y chapter (Adventures)}}
{{adv|X}}, a boy who won a Pokémon Tournament as a child, has become depressed due to bad experiences with the paparazzi and the public speaking bad about him. Although his friends {{adv|Y}}, {{adv|Shauna}}, {{adv|Tierno}}, and {{adv|Trevor}} try to get him back to normal, he refuses to listen to them. Meanwhile, [[Team Flare]] is aiming to capture both {{adv|X}}'s [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]] and the Legendary Pokémon [[Xerxer|Xerneas]] and {{p|Yveltal}} to power their [[ultimate weapon]].