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* In the Pokémon X and Y demo, the message "''An immense rare power has risen in Mewtwo''" would be displayed before Mega Evolving. In the final game, the message displayed is "''<Pokémon>'s <Mega Stone> is reacting to <Trainer>'s <Key Stone item>!''" Additionally, Mega Mewtwo Y is referred to as simply Mega Mewtwo.
* {{p|Slowbro}} is the only Pokemon to have both a Mega Evolved form and a [[regional form]].
* {{p|Sableye}} and {{p|Mawile}} are tied for the lowest base stat total of all Mega-Evolving Pokémon, with 380, followed by {{p|Beedrill}} (395), {{p|Medicham}} (410), and {{p|Audino}} (445).
** Those with the ''highest'' base stat totals of all Mega-Evolving Pokémon are, of course, {{p|Mewtwo}} and Rayquaza, with 680 (exactly 300 greater than the lowest), followed by {{p|Tyranitar}}, {{p|Salamence}}, {{p|Metagross}}, Latias, Latios, {{p|Garchomp}}, and Diancie, all with 600.
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