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Generations I, III, VII
{{main|Player's house#Kanto|Player's house → Kanto}}
[[File:Red House HGSS.png|thumb|Inside {{ga|Red}}'s house in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver]]
====Generations I, III, and VII====
In [[Generation]]s {{Gen|I}}, {{Gen|III}}, and {{Gen|VII}}, this house is where the {{player}} lives before beginning their journey. The player's {{ka|Mom}} lives here, and after the player has left town for the first time, going home and talking to her will fully rest/restore all of the player's Pokémon, just like a [[Pokémon Center]]. In Generation I, the player's bedroom has a PC, a bed, and a TV with an [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES]] hooked up to it. It serves no other purpose, although the PC can be used to access the player's item storage, where a single [[Potion]] can be found and withdrawn from at the start of the game. In Generation III, the player's house features an enhanced version of the bedroom from Generation I. The only difference is the SNES being replaced with an {{wp|Nintendo Entertainment System|NES}}. In Generation VII, with the removal of the item storage function, the player's PC displays an email from their {{ga|Trace|friend and rival}}. In addition, the SNES from Generation I is replaced with a docked [[Nintendo Switch]], with a single left Joy-Con next to it.