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The storyline of the [[Kanto]] region is contemporaneous with the [[Hoenn]] story of [[Generation III]], as revealed by details in both the Hoenn-based games as well as the {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s|later remakes}} of Generation I. The storylines of the [[Generation II]] and [[Generation IV]] games occur three years after this generation, with details about this link explicitly noted throughout the [[Johto]]-based games.
=Core games=
Generation I introduced the key Pokémon gameplay elements which have remained to this day, as well as a system of game releases now considered by fans to be the "standard formula". While many of the features enjoyed in the more recent generations are later additions to the series, the following have their origins in Generation I:
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=Side games/spin-offs=
==Trivia==*[[Pokémon Stadium]]
*[[Hey You, Pikachu!]]
*[[Pokémon Trading Card Game (game)|Pokémon Trading Card Game]]
*[[Pokémon Play It!]]
*[[Pokémon Play It! Version 2]]
*[[Pokémon Pinball]]
*[[Pokémon Puzzle League]]
*[[Picross NP Vol. 1]]
*[[Pokémon Snap]]
* Of all the [[generation]]s, Generation I introduced the most [[move]]s to the series, with 165.
** Generation I is the only generation in which the total number of moves is greater than the total number of Pokémon.