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[[File:Pokémon Adventures DE volume 1 Ed 2.png|thumb|100px|left|Pokémon Adventures volume 1 in German (second edition)]]
Since October 2013, [[Panini Comics]] has released eight volumes of the {{chap|Black & White}} under the title '''{{tt|Pokémon: Schwarz und Weiss|Pokémon: Black and White}}'''. In May 2015, Panini Comics started releasing translated [[List of Pocket Monsters Special XY volumes|Japanese mini-volumes]] of the {{chap|X & Y}} under the title '''{{tt|Pokémon X und Y|Pokémon X and Y}}'''. Beginning in January 2016, it started releasing volumes of Pokémon Adventures, these volumes combine the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}} with the {{chap|Yellow}}. As of March 2020, the German version's latest volume prior to the {{chap|Black & White}} is {{PAV|31}}.
[[File:Pokémon Adventures KO volume 19.png|thumb|100px|left|{{tt|포켓몬스터 스페셜|Pokémon Special}} volume 19]]
Pokémon Adventures ('''{{tt|포켓몬스터 스페셜''' ''|Pokémon Special}}''') is translated into {{pmin|South Korea|Korean}} by 대원씨아이 ''{{wp|Daewon C.I.}}'', which has released up to {{PAV|53}} to date.
The Korean version had been published in a flipped format from {{PAV|1}} through {{PAV|25}}, but since {{PAV|26}}, it keeps the original right-to-left orientation after the series' dedicated translator had been changed. However, the volumes that had already been published prior to {{PAV|26}} are still being published in a flipped format. It is also notable that the cover arts were also flipped in the first 6 volumes and {{PAV|8}}, which is a feature that has never been implemented to other flipped versions of Pokémon Adventures.