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List of Pokémon with form differences

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Normally, Shaymin is in its Land Forme, which is {{type|Grass}} and resembles a hedgehog. When exposed to a [[Gracidea]], Shaymin transforms into its Sky Forme, which is {{2t|Grass|Flying}}-type and white in color.
Sky Forme Shaymin will change back into and remain in its Land Forme at night or if it is {{status|frozen}} (and cannot change into Sky Forme while either is the case); Shaymin also changes back to Land Forme when deposited in the [[PC]] (prior to Generation VII), when withdrawn from the PC (Generation VII), when deposited in [[Pokémon Bank]], or when deposited in the [[Pokémon Day Care]]/[[Pokémon Nursery]].
The two forms have different stats, {{Abilities}}, [[type]]s, learnsets, and [[cry|cries]].