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In ''[[PAORAS10|Omega Alpha Adventure 10]]'', it was explained that TMs are machines that contain the essence of the move they teach to a Pokémon. Before this technology existed, other items served the same purpose. Such items are the rings [[Ultima]] carries on her staff, which contain the ultimate moves {{m|Frenzy Plant}}, {{m|Blast Burn}}, and {{m|Hydro Cannon}}, and a scroll held by the [[Draconid people|Draconids]], which contains the move {{m|Dragon Ascent}}.
==In the TCG==
{{main|Technical Machine (TCG)}}
In the TCG[[Trading Card Game]], {{TCG|Technical Machine}}s are {{TCG|Trainer card}}s that can be attached to Pokémon, giving them the extra attacks printed in that card. Most Technical Machines could only be attached to specific Pokémon and were discarded from play at the end of the player's turn. Unlike the games, they diddo not follow any specific numbering.
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