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This controversial episode was [[Banned episodes|banned]] in almost all countries outside of Japan, largely due to the pervasive use of firearms, which are pointed at {{Ash}} and [[Kaiser]] and fired at [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}}. Even though the scenes where Kaiser threatens Ash, Misty and Brock with his guns were intended for comic effect, [[4Kids Entertainment]] still found this too dark for children. 4Kids used footage of this episode in the [[Pokérap]], which means that they obtained the episode from Japan. However, according to [[Eric Stuart]], there was never an English dub for this episode, as Network Television refused to have it aired when the scene with Kaiser pointing a gun at Ash was shown.<ref></ref> Unfortunately for fans, when the episode was skipped, it created a major plot hole for non-Japanese versions of the show, confusing many viewers on how, when, where, and why Ash caught thirty {{AP|Tauros}}, although {{an|Professor Oak}} mentioned it once in ''[[EP065|Showdown at the Po-ké Corral]]''. To a lesser extent, the episode also explained Team Rocket's plan for ''[[EP037|Ditto's Mysterious Mansion]]''.
On a related note, this was technically the fourth banned episode to feature a fairly important event, as ''[[EP004|Challenge of the Samurai]]'', ''[[EP026|Pokémon Scent-sation!]]'', and ''[[EP032|The Ninja Poké-Showdown]]'', which featured Ash's {{p|Metapod}}'s [[evolution]] into {{AP|Butterfree}}, Ash earning the {{badge|Rainbow}}, and Ash earning the {{badge|Soul}}, respectively, had been [[Pokémon in South Korea|banned in South Korea]] due to overt references to Japanese culture because of tense relationships between the two countries (specifically, Samuraissamurais, Japanese traditional clothing for women, and Ninjasninjas, respectively).