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Version history: Updates.
| style="background: #FFF; text-align:center;" | 1.1.0
| style="background: #FFF; text-align:center" | January 9, 2020
| style="background: #FFF;" | N/A
* Added a feature to jump to Nintendo eShop
* Added a bonus for Expansion Pass purchasers
* Additional Pokémon will be added
* Fixed various issues to improve gameplay
| style="background: #FFF;" |
* Galarian {{p|Slowpoke}} is added to the game, and can be obtained through a new event added to {{DL|Wedgehurst|Wedgehurst Station}}. Its [[Kanto]]nian counterpart is also added into the game's code.
* Expansion passes for [[The Isle of Armor]] and [[The Crown Tundra]] are now available for purchase, and show in the X menu. Two outfits have also been added to the game as a pre-order bonus, and can be redeemed via Mystery Gift code.
| style="background: #FFF; text-align:center;" | 1.1.1
| style="background: #FFF; text-align:center" | March 18, 2020
| style="background: #FFF;" | Fixed various issues to improve gameplay
| style="background: #FFF;" | N/A