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Dawn Wings Necrozma is the form it attains from absorbing Lunala. The player can induce and undo this fusion with the [[N-Lunarizer]]. After fusing, Necrozma will attempt to learn {{m|Moongeist Beam}}, and can use Lunala's exclusive Z-Move, {{m|Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom}}. Its cry is a combination of normal Necrozma and Lunala's cries.
Ultra Necrozma is a third form Necrozma can onlyattain enterif init entered a {{pkmn|battle}} asin one of the previous two forms. While holding its exclusive [[Z-Crystal]], [[Ultranecrozium Z]], the player can use the [[Ultra Burst]] command from the move menu to transform into Ultra Necrozma. Once transformed, Ultra Necrozma can also use Ultranecrozium Z and {{m|Photon Geyser}} to use its exclusive Z-Move, {{m|Light That Burns the Sky}}.
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