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Some testing with Alolan forms being bred in Galar
In the [[Alola]] and [[Galar]] regions, certain Pokémon species have regional forms known as an '''Alolan Form''' (Japanese: '''アローラのすがた''' ''Alola Form''), previously '''Alola Form''' in Generation VII, or a '''Galarian Form''' (Japanese: '''ガラルのすがた''' ''Galar Form''), respectively. A Pokémon in these forms are described as Alolan or Galarian—for example, {{p|Meowth}} in its Alolan Form is referred to as Alolan Meowth and Meowth in its Galarian Form is referred to as Galarian Meowth.
When {{pkmn|breeding}} Pokémon whose offspring has a regional form, the offspring's form depends on its parents. If a parent is the species' normal form (including in a Ditto pairing) and holds an [[Everstone]], and if the offspring is in the same family as that parent, then the offspring will hatch as the normal form. In all other cases, the offspring will always hatch in its regional form. When breeding a regional form outside of said region without holding an Everstone, the offspring will hatch as the regular form or (in the case of Meowth), as that region's form.
There are 32 Pokémon currently known to have regional forms, and there are 33 different regional forms.