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Item balls
Items contained in Poké Balls have been present from the very first games, with many items that are found on the field being found in Poké Balls in conspicuous locations. These items are sometimes important, and usually will be among the required items for pickup along the way. Sometimes, even Poké Ball variants can be found in item balls, though it may be that the item ball itself is supposed to represent the ball that is found. Many other items, however, are hidden, and are not in item balls, instead being directly on the field, and can be found more easily using an Itemfinder or [[Dowsing Machine]].
{{p|Voltorb}}, {{p|Electrode}}, {{p|Foongus}}, {{p|Amoonguss}} and {{p|AmoongussStunfisk|Galarian Stunfisk}} often appear as item balls in the overworld, but attack when interacted with (or if at close range for Galarian Stunfisk) except the Foongus in [[Accumula Town]].