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Flying (type)

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In addition to being immune to {{type|Ground}} attacks and {{a|Arena Trap}}, Flying-type Pokémon are unaffected by {{m|Rototiller}} and all [[entry hazard]]s (except {{m|Stealth Rock}}). Flying-type Pokémon also cannot absorb {{m|Toxic Spikes}} simply by switching in and do not receive the benefits from [[terrain]]s (though they can still use Seeds). These immunities, as well as the immunity to {{a|Arena Trap}}, are removed when a Flying-type Pokémon is [[grounded]] by {{m|Ingrain}}, {{m|Gravity}}, {{m|Smack Down}}, or {{m|Thousand Arrows}}, or [[Iron Ball]]. {{m|Sky Drop}} can pick up a Flying-type target and make it unable to move. On the next turn, Sky Drop will fail and free the target, even if the target is grounded.
When a Flying-type uses {{m|Roost}}, it temporarily loses its Flying type for a turn. If a pure Flying-type Pokémon uses Roost, then it will become a {{t|???}} type in [[Generation IV]] and a {{t|Normal}} type in [[Generation V]] onward.